How It Works

Welcome to J.O.Y. Virtual Physical Therapy! You likely clicked on this link with a desire to know how to treat your own back pain. The treatments for low back pain increase incrementally every year. Sadly, this has not demonstrated a reduction in the prevalence of low back pain in the otherwise healthy adult. Until Now!

It has been hypothesized that there is a population of otherwise healthy adults (YOU!!) with low back pain that do not need expensive imaging or intervention, but education. Not all back pain is the same, therefore not all education on how to treat it should be either. Usually one-size-fits-all becomes one-size-fits-nobody! That is why we designed J.O.Y. Virtual Physical Therapy with a custom-built algorithm based on how you answer questions about your back pain. In just 10 short minutes, you will have the education, exercise and posture prescription that fits YOU, and be on your way to healing.

Benefits of J.O.Y. Virtual Physical Therapy: 

  1. We only use a symptomatic and reliable mechanical and position-based classification called Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy©, or MDT, which is not based on unreliable, unnecessary and expensive imaging.
  2. It assists you in determining your exercise prescription. MDT has been demonstrated to be superior in the research of subgroups (Fritz, 2000; Long, 2004) and your specific exercise.
  3. MDT identifies the Centralization Phenomenon. If you demonstrate centralization, it provides you with a reliable prognosis for both accurately predicting how long you will need to perform your exercise prescription, as well as the ease of self-management in the future (Clare et al, 2005).
  4. Assisting with Long Term management—You will be empowered with specific tools to help yourself, emphasizing independent care to reduce recurrences and downstream costs (Treat Your Own Back, McKenzie 2003); as well as minimizing the anxiety and fear which has been linked to chronic pain (George et al, 2003; Carroll et al, 2004).
  5. Through a series of questions, we can identify patients who would be good candidates for J.O.Y. Virtual Physical Therapy TO:
    • Lower the risk of low back pain developing into a long-term disability
    • Improve patients’ overall function long-term
    • Reduce the likelihood for additional doctor visits, MRIs, and injections

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